The Haunted

Come tour The Haunted at The Candle Shoppe of the Poconos! As seen on Animal Planet’s “The Haunted.”

Many have captured images of the doctor in photographs, have felt the monkey’s fur brush against their ankles, have had their hair pulled, and have even heard the screams of the monkeys on the property of the candle shoppe to this day.

Guided History Tours
Adults: $15
Children 12 and under: $12

Call for tour hours, as they change during each season and on holidays.

The Candle Shoppe of the Poconos is located inside a beautiful building which was built in 1897. The original owner, Doctor William Redwood Fisher, lived in this home with his family, and he also used it as his workplace.
Dr. Fisher had a biological research laboratory in the basement of his home. Here, he performed research on primates which allowed for the creation of Small Pox and Yellow Fever vaccines.

When you come tour the haunted, you will get the full history of the home and the research which went on in the basement of the candle shoppe. You will get to see, first-hand, the original monkey cages which are still standing in the basement of the building, as well as many other original doctors equipment and documents.

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