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Our hand made candles are filled with wonderful and familiar aromas that bring a calm and soothing effect. Our glass container and wicking process is designed to quickly fill the room with fragrance. Our candles are double scented and double wicked with Zinc wicks to ensure the candle burns evenly, all the way down. Our combination of Paraffin wax and zinc wicks, ensures that our candles burn safer and cleaner for the environment. You will have a consistent fragrance experience from beginning to end. The fragrance lingers after the candle is blown out.

Our scented candles are hand poured and hand wicked by our amazing candleologists. This heartfelt candle is perfect for a gift! With many scents to choose from, we have a candle for every occasion!

Burning time is about 250-300 hours.

All our candles are handmade in Swiftwater, PA, USA.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in

Two (Lead Free Wicks)


Double scented

Burning Instructions

Place candle on protected & heat resistant surface. For best results, keep wick trimmed 1/4 inch.
Warning: Glass jar is extremely hot. Allow jar or candle to cool down before handling. Never leave candle unattended.

Burning Time

about 250-300 hours

Please note

We hand pour and wick all of our jar candles. Our jar candles are poured in small batches, therefore they will differ slightly in color.
We change up a scents color completely if we feel the color better suits the scent or the container it is being poured in.
All our candles are made with the same recipe, so the color will not affect how the candle burns or smells.


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